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They call it the Death Star” the trailer begins in the breathy, intense tones of Jyn Erso, played by Felicity jones. So these are the stakes: men in dark costumes are pressing glowing buttons and there’s a great deal of dust and lasers. We’re watching the new Teaser for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first standalone film from the Star Wars universe which tells the tale of how the plans for the Death Star first fell into the hands of the rebellion. The last teaser was jam-packed with action, this time around we’re getting a bit of heart as well.

The trailer represents a few firsts for the much-anticipated Star Wars tale. For one thing, it’s the first time we’ve heard the moonlike (and yet that’s no moon) station referred to by name. As the audience already knows the fate of the Death Star, it would be easy to think that the Alderaan-destroying ultimate weapon of the empire would be a bit of a laughable threat when revisited. It’s a tribute to the this new trailer that when we glimpse it looming into frame for the first time, it’s a terrifyingly ominious sight.

The trailer effortlessly captures the despair that the rebels face before the awesome might of the empire’s new technology. where the first trailer showcased a gaggle of defiant and unpredictable rebels taking on the galactic opressor, here we see those rebels at their lowest ebb. It’s also here that we get a next first for the Rogue One story so far: Jyn Erso not as an outsider, but as a reluctant leader. She’s not lost any of her rebellious swagger, but it adds an interesting dimension to her character to see her step up to the plate and inspire her fellow soldiers to action. What choice do they have, she demands, besides hope?

It goes without saying that all of this character development and menace is set against a backdrop of big things shooting at each other with lasers, and it’s awesome. This is basically a Star Wars Greatest hits collection. Chicken walkers, AT-ATs, X wings and Star Destroyers, the gang’s all here. When a helmet-headed villain stalks out of some fog towards the camera it may only be a split-second of film, but its made us hungrier for December 16th than Jabba the Hutt on a diet.

While the first teaser grabbed our attention with some adrenaline-pumping badassery, this one proves that Rogue One isn’t going to be all about guns and bravado. If anything, this Rogue One looks like its going to be more about desperation. This is a wounded, weakened rebellion fighting against insurmountable odds for the ideal of freedom in the galaxy. It’s going a long way towards proving that the Star Wars Universe is full of potentially amazing storylines that stand apart from the Skywalker saga. We look forward to this instalment, and many more to come.

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