Pixar Releases Teaser Trailer for ‘Cars 3’


After the success of Finding Dory, Pixar seems to be keeping up their big sequel game and will be providing us with Cars 3 next. The teaser trailer for the third movie just aired and it looks… Different. The style of the animation featured in the video is not what you would expect to see from the Cars franchise. The tone of the trailer is also surprisingly dark and serious, and seems a lot duller in its colour. Whether this change of style will prove to be a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen, but the trailer has certainly peaked our interests. OK, Pixar. We’re listening. 

In 49 seconds, the trailer has hinted firstly that something pretty bad has happened to Lightning McQueen, and secondly that the new film is going to look rather different. But what do they mean by “From this moment everything will change”? The tiny teaser trailer makes a point of leaving us hanging with many questions. The only thing that really makes the trailer recognizable as being Cars is the fact that Lightning McQueen is mentioned and that the Rusteeze logo is featured. Everything else seems oddly unfamiliar so far.

Back in 2006, the first Cars film was a major hit. Its long-awaited sequel in 2011 was also popular but admittedly wasn’t widely loved in the same way as the original. Has Pixar now decided to throw their previous approach out of the window and make the third movie something completely fresh? Will the new movie even follow on from the previous ones? Or is this just a sneaky marketing ploy to get us more interested in the upcoming release? Unfortunately we probably won’t know for sure until June 16th 2017, when Cars 3 is scheduled to arrive in cinemas.

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