Forty year old gossip usually doesn’t do too great a job of attracting attention, for the most part. But last week, Carrie Fisher made headlines across the world when she talked about some of juicy gossip that would be included in the publication of the journals she kept as a young woman. Now available in stores, The Princess Diarist documents in detail her time on the set of Star Wars – including what she describes as a brief yet intense romantic affair with her co-star Harrison Ford. As well as scandalous, the book promises to be raw and exciting in the way only a naive actress at the heart of a pivotal moment in popular culture can convey.

Fisher herself, in talking about the nature of the book, describes the glimpse it offers into what she was like as a person when she wrote it:

“I was 19. I was not a sort of cavalier person. I was sad. I was so insecure, and it’s very raw. Obviously, I didn’t expect anyone – including myself – to read it.”

The sense that fans are getting a delicious peek into a very private world was only compounded when she explained her once lover’s reaction to learning that the world was going to know about their affair. Fisher explained that she let him know in advance that she had found the journals she had written all those years ago and was going to publish them without leaving their romantic connection out.

“He’s incredibly private. I feel a little bit bad about doing that to him. But yes, I told him I had found the journals and that I was going to publish them. He sort of went, ‘Lawyer.’ When you’re on location – this is something I discovered – everything is permitted. I didn’t know that, I haven’t been on location since.”

Fisher assures fans that Ford’s “lawyer” threat was a joke.

She was suprised to find the books while going through old boxes of stuff from the time of the original Star Wars movies, looking to recreate the feeling of being Princess Leia ahead of her reappearance as a General in Star Wars: Rogue One and the other upcoming sequels.

Despite his reluctance, it’s clear that the two have had a bond that has endured, even if they weren’t meant to be together forever. There is certainly something heartwarming in Fisher’s assertion that, “I’ll always feel something for him.”

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