Love it or hate it, James Cameron has inundated the world with his Avatar universe. Despite there being some years between the release of the first movie (2009),  there are two sequels already in the works scheduled to release in 2017 and 2018, with a fourth film planned for some unknown point in the future. There’s also Avatar Land, an atmospheric reproduction of the Avatar-verse coming to Disney World’s: Animal Kingdom. The latter park expansion has been right on schedule and that’s more than can be said for Avatar as a film property. As it stands now Avatar 2 is still in pre-production with no official release date. Avatar Land, however, as recently announced by Disney, will open summer 2017.

Atop of the Avatar Land’s expected summer opening, a new video has also surfaced showing off an animatronic character. The video has been making away around the net, both for how hyper-realistic and incredibly unsettling it is.  

With Disney’s official opening window, came new details on some of the rides and attractions. Among them, The World of Avatar ride.  The ride itself will see guests float down a river in Pandora that will end in a bioluminescent rainforest. Once there, the riders will be greeted by this Shaman of Songs character.  Below is a 16-second clip showing off this Shaman of Song, who is described as a “revered member of the Na’vi people of Pandora”…

That is, without question, one hell of an impressive animatronic – it looks so realistic. Crazy!

There is not much else revealed about the ride but some speculation can be made about the slide at the end of the above clip.  The advertisement for Alpha Centauri Expeditions “bringing you to Pandora” seems to indicate a setup for the ride will be similar to Star Tours, where tourists are brought into the world of Pandora and much like Star Wars, have their trip go into unexpected chaos.

For those that aren’t the biggest fans of Avatar and can’t really understand why Disney needs to make a land out of it, it cannot be denied that the technology and development in this park, will be incredible.

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