It was a busy week on last night’s Supergirl as the Cyborg Superman was revealed to be the now cybernetic – and still alive – human Hank Henshaw, a figure from Kara’s past saved her and Mon-El from the clutches of CADMUS, and the evil anti-alien group got its hands on a big weapon: a sample of Kara’s blood. The other major development of the week was that James Olsen hit a road block in his burgeoning career as a crime-fighter, framed for murder by someone that kills the criminals that Guardian goes to great pains to capture the humane, responsible way. Vigilantes are often misunderstood, just ask Batman, and in the Supergirl universe, it looks like you can.

In a scene early in the episode, Kara and the gang were discussing the exploits of Guardian, James’ shield-carrying alter ego. Kara, not a fan of the man in grey, expressed mixed feelings about vigilantes, believing that real heroes show their face and not hide behind masks. What informs her opinion? Probably hearing a lot about Superman’s work with a certain bat-themed crimefighter based out of Gotham City. “My cousin worked with a vigilante once,” she said. “Lots of gadgets. Lots of demons.” She’s obviously not talking about Elongated Man, right?

Now we know what you’re thinking: When is Supergirl going to introduce Batman? Well, executive producer Greg Berlanti was pretty clear earlier this year that there were no plans whatsoever to introduce the Bat-family of characters into Supergirl, and that goes double for all CW’s Arroverse shows, which have tiptoed around the idea that Batman’s out there, like a newspaper article from the future on The Flash announcing a merger between Wayne Tech and Queen Consolidated, or Rip Hunter’s line from Legends of Tomorrow about seeing “Men of Steel” and “Dark Knights”. Never say never, after all, Supergirl wasn’t going to introduce Superman into the show for a while there…

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 pm on the CW.

Source: Cinema Blend

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