Not since the time Iris tried to pull Barry out of the Speedforce has an episode of The Flash been so emotional with all of it’s ups and downs. Coincidentally, both episodes were directed by Kevin Smith. Titled, “Killer Frost,” this week’s episode brought out a side of Caitlin Snow that has only been glimpsed upon, but not to this extent. And, boy, did she do some damage. As her powers break through the surface, feelings that have been deep inside risde up as well. Rifts are created and the team becomes divided again. Just when Barry thinks the Flash is the last thing his friends need in their lives, Iris finds a way to tell him that it’s the exact opposite and that he’s needed more than ever.

Things literally pick up right where they left off from last week’s episode as Barry is still being held in the air by Savitar. And for some odd reason, he’s the only one who can see him. For now, he instructs Joe West to shoot him, but when he look at Barry, nothing is there. Barry tell him to shoot anyway, and when he does, the bullets bounce off of something and ricochet. Joe looks on stunned. Meanwhile, Alchemy and another acolyte make their escape, but one is apprehended. At the same time, Savitar shows Barry a sample of his speed as he’s taken around the city and beaten. It takes Cisco to open a breach to Barry and Caitlin to user her powers to freeze Savitar right as he’s about to kill The Flash. Savitar breaks out of his icy shell and runs away to fight another day.

By using her powers, Caitlin has allowed the Killer within her to emerge. She starts her cold streak by tricking Joe to leave the interrogation room allowing her a moment with one of Alchemy’s acolytes. Her plan: to get Alchemy to revert her to her Flashpoint self thus removing her powers. Killer Frost then kidnaps Julian and forces him to find other acolytes of Alchemy. During that time, she spills the beans on Cisco’s brother being alive and healthy before Flashpoint causing another major rift between the two best friends. She then makes a quick getaway when the cops finally show up. She’s later captured by Cisco and Barry.

Meanwhile, Joe has been worrying about Wally who has been encased in a cocoon thanks to Alchemy. He eventually takes it upon himself to break Wally out after the team told him not to. Joe break Wally out of the cocoon, but because it wasn’t done naturally, Wally’s mind and body are all discombobulated. Seeking the help of Caitlin, Barry risks his life to help her take control of her body. He succeeds and she creates a serum to aid Wally. After their ordeal, Wally and the team embrace his new powers as a speedster.

Later, Barry meets with up with Julian in the hospital and bargains with him not to turn Caitlin into the CCPD. He agrees, but forces Barry to resign his position in exchange. Barry agrees. The episode ends with a big reveal that many fans have already been speculating, Julian is Alchemy.

Only seven episodes into the season, and this is probably the best one so far. It really had it all – great character progression, another close examination of team Flash and its main players, action, emotion, an iconic scene from the comics, and an homage to Batman Returns.

You could argue that every episode has character progression, but this one, in particular, provided a lot of insight into the manifestation of Killer Frost and how the team would handle it, especially Caitlin. You have to give credit where credit is due, and, in this episode, Danielle Panabaker did an amazing job. It’s always the quiet ones. She went from being the reserved Caitlin Snow who rarely shows a wild side to one of the most bad ass super villains the show has seen. She was the complete package here – she shot spikes of ice from her hands and displayed her deep, cold heart by digging into Barry’s failures. It was heart wrenching when she named Eddie and Ronnie. “You know, for a hero, Flash, you sure let a lot of people around you die.” Ouch! But the most damaging thing Killer Frost accomplished was wrecking the bromance between Barry and Cisco. It’s going to take a while to heal that wound.

How about that kiss? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Smith talked about how excited he was that that Killer Frost’s iconic move – the cold kiss – was making it into the episode. He went on to talk about how due to height differences, Panabaker had to straddle Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) for the kiss and how it reminded him of the rooftop scene in Batman Returns, thus, in a way, paying homage to one of his favorite movie (or at least Batman films). The scene he was referencing to was where Catwoman pulls out a mistletoe and kisses Batman. For big fans of these iconic characters, this was the biggest moment of the episode.

Although, an argument could be made for the big reveal at the end of the episode as the biggest moment in the episode. For weeks, people have been speculating that Julian Albert a.k.a Draco Malfoy a.k.a Tom Felton was Alchemy. For some, the key give away was the fact that “Albert” was Julian’s last name. And, in case you didn’t know, the real name of Alchemy in the comics is Albert Desmond. It’s amazing how much information people can pull from just a single name. However, all this came to fruition when Julian opened a drawer containing the mask that Alchemy has been wearing the entire season.

The story takes a bit of a break next week as the big crossover takes place. Of course, next week’s all-new episode plays a big part. Check out a preview for it down below. Remember, The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 PM EST.

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