Crude, callous and hilarious, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia follows the misadventures of five of the most selfish and horrible people you could ever imagine. They’re manipulative, they’re spiteful and their arrogance makes them oblivious to the detriment they have on the lives of pretty much everyone around them. Including each other. But for all their flaws, Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Frank and Sweet Dee are addictive to watch. Aired for most of its run time on FX, it is one of cable’s longest running shows and, even after eleven seasons, the sitcom still has fans eager for more of the antics that go down at Paddy’s pub in Philadelphia.

It has now been announced that a twelfth season will premiere on FX’s sister channel FXX in January 2017. The consistency of the show so far does nothing to suggest that there will be any decline in quality and a new Red Band trailer that has been released seems to support the expectation. The promotional text released with it certainly encourages the idea that the gang is doing nothing to better themselves and will probably only end up getting into even more trouble:

FXX’s original comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back! This season, the gang goes to a waterpark, deals with a Wolf Cola PR nightmare, and actually spends a whole day tending bar!

The new trailer is packed full of foul language, indecent proposals, violence and an irresponsible attitude towards hard narcotics. But that is the least that we have come to expect of the gang and any less would seem an insult to their gloriously muddy reputations. As well as the familiar surrounds of Paddy’s pub, the sights of Philadelphia and the now horrifically scarred Rickety Cricket, the new season promises a host of all new and original misdemeanours and likely far more serious crimes, too.

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