In a year that can most charitably be described as “complicated”, some of us may be struggling to come up with things to be thankful for this holiday. But rest assured that there’s always one thing guaranteed to reinvigorate your faith in your fellow man: the sight of two nerds joyously nerding out over some nerdy, nerdy stuff. That’s most definitely the case in this new video from Tested, in which Mythbuster’s Adam Savage drools delightfully over the treasures in Peter Jackson’s abundant cave of movie props and memorabilia.

Most of the video is given over to Jackson and Savage fondling a screen-used HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Oddysey while bonding over their shared Kubrick obsession. Savage recently built a screen-accurate replica of the architectural model of the Overlook Hotel maze from The Shining, which he donated to the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition, so he knows his stuff. The odd cutaway shot, and pausing the video to try and identify all the pieces in the background (as we did on multiple occasions) reveals the breadth and depth of Jackson’s movie and TV obsession. Daleks, Thunderbirds and Raptors compete for space with Star Wars Droids and Planet of The Apes prosthetics. There’s also a panda, because why not?

Before Mythbusters launched him into nerd stardom, Adam Savage built props and scale models for Hollywood. It’s an obsession that he still indulges, painstakingly researching the right machine parts to build Deckard’s gun from Blade Runner, or finding flash bulbs and fabrics to fuel his four year quest to complete a screen-accurate Mecha-glove from Hellboy. Seeing two nerds sharing their passion over the minutiae of movie design and lore is sure to warm the cockles of your heart.

It’s only a shame that Savage’s love for Kubrick dictates the tour, we’d love to just be able to wander the halls of Jackson’s private museum and see what other surprises he has hidden there. This place is almost as good as Guillermo Del Toro’s Bleak House when it comes to nerd meccas, and definitely proves that the best thing to do with millions of dollars is to feed your passions. Sure, try and feed and clothe a few less fortunate people along the way, but you can always indulge yourself with the odd Dalek.

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