In exactly one month from today, it will be Christmas, and there may be a lot of lucky kids – and maybe some lucky older kids too – that will be unwrapping some awesome new Star Wars toys. Some of those toys might be based on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and a little later that day maybe the whole family will be heading out to watch Rogue One again, likely for the third or fourth time. It’s so close we can taste it now, which is maybe why on this Thanksgiving weekend, Disney and Lucasfilm are satisfying your hunger for more Star Wars with this final Rogue One trailer.

This is by far the briefest of the Rogue One trailers released, but the emphasis is on action as the brave and the bold gather to get the plans for the Empire’s ultimate weapon, which for the first time in these clips gets a name: the Death Star.

In other Rogue One news, tickets for the movie finally go on sale on Monday. That little piece of information was shared in a Facebook post that said, “Lord Vader, we’ve been expecting you.” Box office analysts meanwhile are expecting that Rogue One is going to do $130 million in business opening weekend, which is a far cry from the amount made by The Force Awakens when it arrived last Christmas, but is huge when compared to the long sad string of missed expectations this past year.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be in theatres everywhere on December 16.


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