Suppose you’re not the usual Star Wars fan. Suppose that it’s not just your intention to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it’s not just your intention to see it opening weekend, or even opening night. Suppose that you might consider seeing it not just once or twice, but 10, maybe even 20 times. If this sounds like you, then Regal Cinemas may have a deal that’s worth your interest. For $100 you can get an all access pass to Rogue One for 12 weeks at a Regal Cinema near you. Any format, any time! All you need is a Regal Ultimate Ticket. 

So what do you do? Well, via, you go to Regal’s website, pay your $100 plus shipping, and you will be sent a collectible ticket made from a laser-cut anodized steel card sealed with the Rogue One logo in gold and inscribed with your name upon it. (FYI: It’s non-transferable, and you’ll have to show your photo ID at the box office to pick up your ticket.) And just like that, you can catch Rogue One in any 3D, RPX, IMAX, or standard screening, at any Regal Cinema, any time during its run. Supplies are limited though, only 1,000 of these tickets are being offered, and you have to allow two to three weeks for delivery. If you order your’s today, that will leave you nicely situated for Rogue One’s release.

Also nicely situated are the first day sales for Rogue One tickets. Deadline is reporting that both Fandango and had their biggest first day of sales for 2016 thanks to Rogue One. No numbers were made available, but the previous record holder was Finding Dory with $135 million in first day online sales. Further, says that more than three-quarters of their sales Monday were for Rogue One tickets, while Moana was a distant second with just five per cent. People buying tickets on Fandango meanwhile saw waiting times of 20-30 minutes as the site keeps crashing. Box office tracking has Rogue One looking at an opening weekend haul of $100-$140 million, which isn’t The Force Awakens numbers, but would absolutely be an early Christmas present for Disney.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be in theatres everywhere on December 16.

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