When fans last saw Steve Rodgers, he was a wanted man, and on the move. The shield? He dropped it and left it behind after his fight with Tony Stark. The Avengers who were being held probably got out and are in hiding. Then there’s Bucky. He’s on ice in the middle of Wakanda. At least he should be. So when Sebastian Stan posted a photo of himself with a shield stripped of it’s stripes and looking a lot like his arm, internet fanboys erupted and rumors began flying in every direction possible.

Alright, before you go any further, take a look at the photo and judge for yourself.

Shield Labs is a shop in Missouri that makes replica props for cosplay and other reasons (like starting an internet firestorm). After some quick super sleuthing, it looks like there’s more to the photo than what was just posted. The above photo is part one. Later, Shield Labs posted this photo on their own Instagram account with the hashtag “whynot.”

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So it looks like that shield was one of many they have done in honor of Bucky, but the one they gave to Stan inadvertently turned into a great promotional piece. Thanks to the original photo, many believed that it was Stan’s way of confirming that Bucky would be finally taking on the mantle of Captain America – something that happened in the comics and fans of the MCU were anticipating. It also doesn’t help that it’s been wildly known that Chris Evan‘s contract with Marvel is near the end (closer than ever) and he’s always been vocal about wanting to direct more than acting. With all the pieces falling into place at once, it made for the perfect storm of speculation.

Alas, nothing has been confirmed, and people (like this one) continue to write a mile a minute about what should happen, what will happen, and what could happen. In the end, it’s all just speculation – the internet’s favorite game.

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