Is Foot Locker Ad Hinting at Return of ‘Space Jam’?


The latest Foot Locker commercial is raising some questions about the potential return of Space Jam to our screens. The new ad showed the return of the Monstars and the Toon Squad, and also featured LA Clippers star Blake Griffin and Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler. What does this mean? There have been no official announcements regarding a Space Jam sequel, but the commercial seems to be throwing out some pretty big hints that Space Jam could be coming back in a big way.

The Foot Locker video opens with the statement: “It’s the same story it’s always been. There’s the heroes, and there’s the villains”. Next, we learn that the Monstars team have risen again and dominated the basketball world. A group of young guys tries to enter their local basketball court but finds the gate chained shut, with a challenging message from the Monstars. The young men head to a Foot Locker and are greeted by Bugs Bunny, who helps them out with some Foot Locker gear, as they prepare themselves to try and beat the Monstars. Blake Griffin also joins the team, wearing the old-school Toon Squad shirt, whilst Jimmy Butler appears at the end of the commercial, spraying the words ‘DEFY’ on a wall as a graffiti warning to the Monstars.

Yes, it’s only an advert – but it clearly had a lot of effort put into it and there is nothing to say that it couldn’t potentially be hinting at a new Space Jam film. At any rate, Space Jam fans can remain hopeful for its return, though there has been no concrete news just yet. However, if this really is a hint towards a Space Jam sequel, perhaps the Foot Locker ad is a possible clue towards its plot and new characters? Hopefully this is the case and it’s not simply a teasing advertising ploy from the shoe and sportswear retailer… We’ll have to wait and see!

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