There’s a *Monster* of an Easter Egg in ‘Rogue One’


Two weeks from tonight, you will likely be sitting in a preview screening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the latest in a likely long line of Star Wars movies. We’re nuts for it! Brought to us by Godzilla director Gareth Edwards, the movie will likely be loaded with Easter eggs and references to other Star Wars stories, in fact we already know there is one, the appearance of Clone Wars character Saw Gerrera in the person of Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker. That maybe the first egg, but it won’t be the last, and Edwards was all too eager to share another.

Now normally one is expected to find the Easter eggs themselves, but this was apparently too great to keep to himself, so Edwards asks you to pay particular attention to the set in one scene. “In Saw’s cave, there are some cave paintings,” Edwards explained on yesterday’s installment of The Star Wars Show. “One of them is of the creatures that were in my first film, Monsters. Then there’s some MUTOs from Godzilla. I didn’t ask for it. I just came in one day and saw it.”

Monsters, of course, was Edwards’ breakthrough film, a low budget picture about a couple trying to make it through a monster-infected America that Edwards made with pro-sumer visual effects tools. Godzilla, as you know, was the big-budget remake of the classic 1952 film from Japan’s Toho Studios, and the MUTOs were the radiation-eating, city-destroying antagonists of that film. Surely this won’t be the last Easter egg from the film to be revealed, everything from an appearance by Princess Leia to a post-credits scene or cameo by Alden Ehrenreich as the young Han Solo has been rumored or speculated on. Only a couple more weeks now till all questions are answered.

Rogue One is in theatres everywhere on December 16.

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