‘Alien 5’ Will Say Goodbye to Ripley


For a project that has been floating in the social consciousness for almost fifteen years now, Alien 5 still remains something of a mystery. It has had a number of different names attached to and dropped off it over the years, with everything from plot to characters to art released and then either retracted or put on hold as time went on and nothing came of it. Now that 2017 is just around corner, we’re finally getting close to seeing an actual product, as it has been said that work will really get underway after the Prometheus prequel Alien: Covenent, due for release in May of next year.

Though there hasn’t been an official statement about what we can expect, some of Sigourney Weaver‘s comments about the impending movie in an interview with Variety have let slip a glimpse into what we can expect. She spoke as highly as she ever has about the series and the direction it’s going. She also seemed to have lost none of her enthusiasm for working with Neill Blomkamp, who first worked with Weaver on 2015’s Chappie and has been signed on for Alien 5 practically ever since.

Weaver said to Variety,

“I hope that Neill Blomkamp and I will eventually get back to it. He’s written such a wonderful script. I look forward to finishing Ripley’s story.”

There have been rumours about this movie going in an all new direction, maybe even being a direct sequel to the classic Alien movies from the 1980s and veering away from the story created for Alien 2 and 3.

There is still some debate about whether or not Fox will even commit to following through with making this movie, but it seems a safe hope that the sheer weight of the creative people who really want to see it out will be enough to carry it on one day. It may not be until after Alien: Covenent that fans will know for sure, but the idea of seeing a conclusion to Ripley’s story is one that will surely get a lot of people excited.

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