This week, the DC CW Universe unleashed their 4 (really 3) night crossover titled Invasion! Each night was a ratings high for each of the shows as each night Supergirl (not really), The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow had to work together to save the world from The Dominators. Each episode was jam-packed. You can see our reviews for The Flash (here) and Supergirl (here) for our thoughts on the individual episodes.

The Supergirl episode overall did not really deal with the Invasion crossover, as it spent 90% of the episode focusing on the Project Cadmus storyline as the evil organization tried to wipe out all aliens on Earth-38 (we now know which Earth Supergirl exists in). The last few minutes of the episode had Cisco and Flash show up to recruit her for help fighting the Dominators. The Flash focused on the beginning of the crossover as Barry not only needed her help, but also Oliver Queen and the Legends to help fight them. Cisco and Barry’s rift continued due to the repercussions of Flashpoint as well. We also got to see how powerful the Dominators were as they mind-controlled some of the heroes to fight each other. Arrow gave us a trip down memory lane as the 100th episode brought back some familiar faces in a shared hallucination (once again The Dominators’ power was very strong). Legends of Tomorrow brought it home as the heroes made a last stand fighting them in both the past and the present. The heroes managed to save the planet and also resolve their differences.

Here are the top 5 moments of the show!

The CW Heroes Assemble


Barry was the first to see The Dominators and after being knocked out by their force field and speaking with Lyla Diggle learns who they are and just how powerful they can be. He realizes that he cannot do this by himself. Usually, he can, but he sees the scope of these aliens and calls in the big guns. After he and Cisco “vibed” across many universes and finally found Kara Danvers, it was time for everyone to get together, and at the Hall of Justice!!

Supergirl meeting everyone was cute as she had to get acclimated with everyone. It’s clear that Barry gave her a crash course in their universe’s heroes as she was almost answering a pop quiz as to who everyone is. She knew them by their “real” names as they were quick to tell her their superhero identities. Kara is as chipper as ever, which helped sell the excitement for the “Best. Team-up. Ever!” Them trying to figure out who the leader once again showed Cisco’s disdain for Barry (why is he still on #TeamFlash if he despised the man so much?), which pays off later when the two finally make up on Legends of Tomorrow.

This scene had been shown a million times in various promos for the crossover event, yet it still managed to be exciting and bring us goosebumps!

The Flash and Green Arrow vs….. Everybody


Barry’s message to Rip Hunter from 2056 was finally revealed. Unfortunately, it was not a great message as old Barry himself said that young Barry couldn’t be trusted. His messing with the timeline and the creation of Flashpoint has caused a problem and a crisis of confidence in some of the team members. When the heroes decided to face The Dominators, Barry opted to remain behind as he knew that he was untrustworthy. This led all the other heroes to try to save the president and take on the aliens. Ultimately, they all failed as the president was killed and then The Dominators used a mind control device which basically turned them into a supervillain army.

It was then up to Barry and Oliver to take on their friends. It was pretty one-sided as Barry and Oliver were the only “good” good guys, and the numbers were against them. Not only were the numbers against them, but so were the superpowers as the “bad” good guys had Firestorm, Atom, and Supergirl. Barry and Oliver did their best, pulling punches while trying to stop their friends at the same time. Lucky for them, they also had a ringer as Kid Flash joined the fray and managed to help out (even though he got knocked out).

Barry managed to lure Supergirl to the place where The Dominators’ mind control device was and created a “flash mirage” to make her think she was about to attack him, but instead destroyed the mind control device. It was just in time as she probably would have defeated him, and Oliver was out of arrows. This stopped the heroes from fighting each other, but then The Dominators had another plan in mind.

Arrow’s 100th Episode Was a Great Callback Episode


With Arrow having been on for 5 seasons, the 100th episode had to be a big one. The producers had a genius way of paying homage to the past 5 seasons of the show by bringing back many characters who were long gone.

The Dominators kidnapped Oliver, Tea, Sara, Diggle, and Ray Palmer and placed them in a shared hallucination where their lives were totally different. Oliver never crashed with his father on Lian Yu. He was due to marry Laurel and he never was the Green Arrow (Diggle was instead). This similar storyline was done in Supergirl last season when an alien parasite made Kara think that she was still on Krypton. In the same way, the people in the hallucination needed to reject it in order to free themselves. After a while, Oliver, Diggle, Sara, and Ray started to realize that someone was off and rejected it. Thea needed some convincing, though. She wanted a world where her parents were still alive and she could be there with them. She ultimately joined Oliver and everyone else.

We got to see many people from the past. Oliver’s parents, Laurel, Deathstroke, Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, and Tommy all made appearances in the hallucination. When Oliver finally says goodbye to them, it gives him (and the audience) some closure.

The only thing that didn’t work was how quick they were able to use The Dominator’s technology to fly their space pod out of the mothership and Oliver conveniently finding a weapon on the spaceship.

Everything Is Because Of Barry (and FlashPoint)


When the producers said that “Flashpoint” would have lingering effects, they were not lying!

Not only did it cause a huge rift between Barry and Cisco, but it also made Diggle a little angry. He finally found out that in one reality he had a daughter, but because of Barry’s meddling, he never would get to meet her as he had a son instead. Another victim of Flashpoint, the truce between mankind and The Dominators.

Yes, the entire invasion was pretty much Barry’s fault. The Dominators even gave Earth a proposal: turn Barry over, or they will wipe out all Metahumans (and kill millions of non-metahumans as well). Even though earlier many were against Barry for creating Flashpoint, they would not turn him in and instead decided to face The Dominators head on.

Time travel and its dangers were present throughout the crossover event. As Legends of Tomorrow always deals with time travel, the crossover also showed that everyone has the ability to create their own “Flashpoint” events. Stein meets a daughter he never knew existed as a result of talking to his younger self and convincing his younger self to pay more attention to his wife (which resulted in the birth of his daughter). When Cisco teams up with the Legends, they decide to save one of The Dominators from the US government, which also leads up to The Dominators to attack. This leads Cisco to understand that he did the same thing as Barry and realizes that Barry’s not so bad as he was only doing what he thought was right.

Heroes Vs Aliens Battle


The final battle between all the heroes against The Dominators was just pure joy. Each superhero had the chance to shine as they did battle with the alien foes. It was very reminiscent of the “hero shots” from Marvel’s Avengers movies.

This was just straight up comic book fun!

This was an awesome crossover between the CW superheroes. They now have set the bar high. If there’s a crossover next year (there much be!), it will have to adapt the “Crisis on Infinite Earth” event. Now that would be awesome!

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