When it comes to Michael Bay, everything needs to be bigger and bolder. So it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that he’s currently working with IMAX to create a virtual reality project that will involve the Transformers franchise. There aren’t many details regarding the project, but strap in and get ready to go face to face with members of the Autobots and, maybe, fight along their side. More information about the project after the jump.

It seems that Bay has taken quite an interest in VR technology, but has a harsh criticism of the content currently available. “There are all these companies building all this crap and there’s no content.” According to the report, the initial Transformers VR project was to only last three minutes. For Bay, however, that wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy his creative mind.

“They said three minutes. And I go, where are the rules? There are no rules. So I said, let’s do something like nine minutes, you know. And where it’s active and you got a little story. It’s fun. It’s not active the whole time. But you feel things coming right over you. You gotta duck.”

It doesn’t stop there. IMAX’s involvement in the project includes VR pods for people to view the experience in. But the plans are somewhat vague. “They’re gonna build pods in theaters around the world. There are all these massive theaters, but they don’t use every theater. So they’ll build like 30 pods.” There’s no indication if theaters will contain up to 30 of these pods or if there will only be 30 pods across the nation. Whatever happens, it sounds like massive amounts of money is being poured into this project.

It was only a matter of time before someone discovered a way to experience movies beyond 3-D. Unsurprisingly, it looks like the answer is within Virtual Reality, and IMAX is hoping to capitalize on it before others can; bringing with them, Michael Bay and his Transformers.

Source: Slashfilm

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