If there is one thing that Screen Junkies has made quite clear over the years, it is that no one is safe from ridicule, that any and every movie must be criticised to prove its worth. No matter how great it might be to the untrained eye, the Honest Trailers series will expose every flaw in all the most popular releases. In their most recent video, they’ve taken on be the baddest of the bad. The most dangerous villains in the entire DC universe have come under the critical eye of one of YouTube’s most scathing pop culture critics.

Nothing about this movie is safe in this video.

The studio’s every decision – in the marketing, in the scriptwriting, in the way they handled the reception of Batman Vs Superman – has had a mention because, let’s face it, DC movies haven’t exactly fared well recently and the administrative juggling can’t have helped.

Most of the main characters get at least a passing mention and it’s not all bad news. The Trailer takes a moment to nod in the direction of a handful of actors who really put the effort into making their roles stand out.

But that’s not enough to save the rest of the movie from a truly thorough scouring – from the clumsy exposition, through the uncomfortable stereotypes, to the awkward reuse of the kind of dramatic CGI that has been utilised so much over the past few years that it’s started to lose some of its impact.

Cara Delavigne’s Enchantress gets a fierce examination and Jared Leto’s undeniably unique interpretation of the Joker – perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated critiques Honest Trailers have ever undertaken – is treated to a well earned commentary.

Whether you loved or hated the movie that exploded onto screens in a bubblegum burst of bad guys, the Honest Trailer is well worth watching if you’re in search of a chuckle at the expense of the worst heroes ever.

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