The 80s and ’90s classics Altered Beast and Streets of Rage coming to film and TV.  Beat ’em up game Streets of Rage pitted your rogue cop against big city crime boss Mr. X, while sidescroller Altered Beast features a resurrected Greek Warrior that transforms into powerful werecreatures after defeating a suite of villains. Sure, the plots seem trite, but hey for original content I wouldn’t mind them taking a whack at it just to tap into our childhood nostalgia. If you haven’t heard of the two games and are wondering why they were chosen for a production treatment, it turns out that those titles were among the most popular on Sega’s Mega Drive/Genesis platforms. Funnily enough, the original Altered Beast arcade version finishes with a cut scene showing that everything was just a movie, so we’ll be interested to see if they break that fourth (or fifth) wall again.


Stories International CEO Tomoya Suzuki comment on the project:

“We look forward to seeing the centurion from Altered Beast rise from his grave, and the Streets of Rage heroes Adam, Axel and Blaze fight to take their city back,”.

Sega is also looking for partners on titles like Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi and Shinobi, and there’s no word yet on which studios or broadcasters are taking on Altered Beast and Streets of Rage. So, don’t expect that project to release anytime soon.