It’s the time of year for the Doctor Who Christmas Special and let’s not forget it’s been about a year since the last season of Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor Who aired so DW fans are pretty much chomping at the bit for some more of the good Doctor. There’s a new trailer for the BBC Christmas Day Special that gives us a much better look at what the Doctor will be up to this time around, there’s superheroes, brains in jars, lots of snow and running. Check it out below.the-return-of-doctor-mysterio-850x560

Go ahead and set your DVR for Christmas night at 9PM.

Hmm, will “The Ghost” actually be a superhero or just some space alien… wait… isn’t Superman just a space alien. Finally the Doctor is back on the small screen and hopefully this special will tide us over until the April 2017 premiere of the new season or as the Brits like to call it, Series 10.

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