Cameron Monaghan, who plays Jerome Valeska in the Gotham series, just posted a photo of himself looking like a ‘certain someone’ on Twitter and the internet can’t stop talking about it. The actor shared an image of himself online looking eerily similar to the Joker, before the photo was deleted only a few hours later. The Joker has yet to appear officially in the series, though fans have been teased by the Joker-like mannerisms of Jerome throughout it, although in a bizarre twist, he was later supposedly killed off. However, his upcoming return to the show has been teased heavily too, but now the big question is: who exactly will he be returning as?


The photo depicted Monaghan wearing a familiar-looking purple waistcoat, with pale skin, a manic grin and arched eyebrows, and a bow tie. So, as expected, the photo immediately got people talking and speculating. Is there something to the photo or is it just a publicity shot, or simply a joke (ha, get it)? Since there have already been some major clues regarding Jerome’s return to Gotham, people are understandably intrigued to know what form his character will take next. There hasn’t been any official news of Jerome becoming the infamous Joker, but the actor does seem to be hinting heavily at that idea with this cheeky Twitter post. For the many viewers who have found Jerome’s character to be one of the most entertaining in Gotham so far, his potential transformation into the Joker could be exciting. Nonetheless, with nothing concrete to base this on, it’s still possible that the actor was just having a laugh when the photo was taken. Judging by how many people online are already starting to refer to him as ‘the young Joker’ though, it seems a lot of viewers will be disappointed if these clues don’t actually lead anywhere. It looks like fans will have to wait for the series to resume in January 2017 to find out what exactly Gotham has planned for them next.


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