‘How I Met Your Father’ Spinoff Is Back On!


If you were a fan of How I Met Your Mother then there’s some interesting news making the Internet rounds. HIMYM ran for nine seasons on CBS and when the finale episodes were airing, the rumor mill had a spinoff series How I Met Your Father in development. HIMYF quickly dropped off the radar and most fans figured that was that. Fear not though, it seems that there is still hope for HIMYF as the producers of the new hit This Is Us is taking on the HIMYF challenge.


The original creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will be involved as Executive Producers while Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger of This Is Us tackle the day-to-day production. Here’s the tickler, This Is Us is on NBC and HIMYF doesn’t necessarily have to air on CBS. That could spark a bidding war between the networks.

There’s still a lot to be worked out, and of remember that HIMYF won’t have cast members from HIMYM crossing over. It will be an all new cast and story told from the woman’s point of view. The costs of tying it directly to the original series would be astronomical and that’s only for the casting costs.

If the series makes it to the pilot stage we’ll bring it to you here.

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