This past weekend, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hit theaters. A brand new vision for the Star Wars universe showcased the Rebellion as they tried to steal the plans for the Death Star, which helped them destroy the battle station for their first decisive victory in A New Hope. The film has already made a killing at the box office ($290 million worldwide) after its first weekend and it looks to pretty much own the holiday season. Critics and fans alike seemed to enjoy the film as not only was it a great compact story that rolls into A New Hope very smoothly, but it was also loaded with great Easter Eggs for hardcore fans.

One thing people have picked up on, though, was that many scenes advertised in the trailers were, unfortunately, missing from the final product. This isn’t uncommon as many films do that. Most recently, Suicide Squad was noted for many keep moments from their trailers cut from the film. There will probably be a Director’s Cut of the film (or at least a plethora of deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray release) that will show everything removed.

Here are a few of the key moments from trailers that did not make the final cut.


Jyn Erso Facing Off Against A Tie Fighter

This was a key shot towards the end of one of the trailers, when Jyn Erso at the top the tower trying to transmit the Death Star plan to the Rebel fleet, there is a tense moment where a Tie Fighter flies up and the two have a face off before the trailer cuts out. Many speculated that this would have been a death scene for her, or perhaps it was a commandeered Imperial shuttle that would help her escape. Unfortunately, the entire scene was scrubbed from the theatrical release.

Darth Vader Scene


In one of the trailers, the stinger at the end of a shot with Darth Vader overlooking some sort of bridge overlooking what looks like some sort of map, followed by his notorious breathing. Now Vader actually doesn’t spend a lot of time in the actual film (but he does have that kickass scene at the end of the film). It looks like this scene was also one that was cut from the film.


Krennic and Vader Confrontation


Another Vader scene that was cut showed him and Director Krennic engaged in a “passionate disagreement” on either the Death Star or an Imperial ship. It also gave the impression that Krennic was somewhat a rival to Vader in regards to leadership. The two do meet in the theatrical cut of the film on Mustafar, but instead, it’s clear he is a subordinate on the power structure as Vader not only belittles him, but also force chokes him and makes a pun doing so.


Jyn Erso Solo Mission


When infiltrating the Imperial base Jyn, Cassian, and K-2SO don imperial uniforms so they can sneak in and steal the Death Star plans. However, the trailer showcases Jyn going on her own for what appears to be a solo mission. However, this scene was also cut from the film.


Jyn, Cassian, & K-2SO Escape Running Down The Hall


Another scene from within the Imperial base showed Jyn, Cassian, and K-2SO (no longer in Imperial uniforms) as they are running down a hall escaping Imperial forces. Based on te film, it could be assumed this would have taken place after they got the plans and are now avoiding the Empire’s forces. However, K-2SO dies in the data storage area sacrificing himself so that they can escape.


Beach Running


While the redshirts are storming the beaches of the Imperial base on Scarif facing Imperial Walkers in the final battle of the scene, during the Star Wars Celebration sizzle reel, it was completely different before the reshoots. Both Cassian and Jyn (holding the Death Star Plans) were a part of that scene as they are also running and taking fire from all over the place.

Other scenes from Scarif that were cut included Krennic walking through the water as well as Stormtroopers walking through the water as well.

stormtroopers krennic


Saw Guerra’s “What Will You Become” Speech


In the trailer, Forrest Whitaker’s Saw Guerra seemed to be a more prominent character as he had a very cool monolog when talking with Jyn. It was also a younger Saw (in Jyn’s flashback) who probably was talking with a young Jyn during the time when he was raising her as a resistance fighter. It looks like the entire scene (and probably a very cool backstory) was scrubbed from the entire scene and we missed out on a cool speech.


Rebel’s In Custody


The Empire occupied Jedha with an iron fist in the movie. They forced the citizens to random ID searches and made life a literal hell for its citizens. One scene that appears to not have made the final cut was one where they were marching what appear to be Rebel pilots into custody while there.


“I Rebel”


Another iconic monolog that was missing from the film was when Jyn says “This is a rebellion isn’t it? I rebel.” Unfortunately, this did not make the final cut either.

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