No one is safe on the Internet, no matter how big or small. Marvel Entertainment‘s main Twitter account was hacked earlier today, along with Marvel’s Daredevil account, Marvel’s Jessica Jones account, Marvel’s Luke Cage account, the Guardians of the Galaxy account, and The Avengers account. Each account tweeted out a simultaneous message from the OurMine Security Group, a white-hat hacker collective. Check out the message below.

The first time it was tweeted out was deleted by Marvel Entertainment (pictured below) but it was again tweeted out by OurMine (embeded above). If the tweet above isn’t showing it’s been deleted by Marvel once again. It appears as if OurMine is retweeting the message as Marvel deletes them.


It seems that some of the twitter accounts of some Marvel employees have also been part of this hack. Adrie Cowan, Marvel’s Director of Social Media, twitter also tweeted out the same message.

How this might all play out is still playing out as this post is being written. Will Marvel contact OurMine or will this quickly become something for the courts to work out?

We’ll let you know once Marvel releases a statement about the hacks.

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