Alien: Covenant comes out in just five short months, so it’s only appropriate that this last week has seen a veritable eruption of new images from the very secretive production. We’ve seen photos of Katherine Waterston’s very Ripley-looking Daniels, we’ve seen what looks like the return of the Colonial Marines, and we’ve seen a teaser poster that infers that were going to see the very traditional-looking xenomorph in the film. So what will we see today? Not much, but because this is an Alien movie, it confirms were going to see two very distinctly Alien things: a interior of a foreign spacecraft and lots, and lots of blood.

Courtesy of the “Alien Anthology” Twitter feed comes two new photos. There’s this one, which looks like just another day in space onboard an alien spaceship…

And then there’s this, where things seem to go, uh, horribly wrong for the crew of the new expedition.

So what does this mean, aside from showing off the tremendous production design of the film? Look at the messages. Sure, they might be just a random buncha numbers, but I wonder if it’s a code. More specifically, a time code. The first tweet from yesterday could read 18:56 – 12/08/2104 as in 6:56 pm on December 8, 2104. Meanwhile, using that same code breaker, today’s tweet says 22:46 – 12/07/2104, or almost 24 hours beforehand. So if this is right, the massacre takes place before the visit to the alien ship. It’s just a theory of course. We’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to find out if it’s true…

Alien: Covenant will be in theatres everywhere on May 19, 2017.

Source: /Film

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