It’s almost ironic to think that fans had to wait for the two of the fastest superheroes to come back from their winter break. But the wait is almost over, and to celebrate their returns, The CW has debuted trailers for both Supergirl and The Flash. One trailer shows how one hero spent too much time in the sun while she was away, while the other shows that a certain hero hasn’t learned anything from his mistakes.

First up is Supergirl.

Right away, it sounds like Winn is starting to have second thoughts about something. Maybe he’s run a snag while running around with his vigilante buddy, the Guardian. But it looks like Alex is right there to talk him back into the right mindset. Also, it looks like a familiar face makes a return with Roulette, played by Dichen Lachman. Finally, what’s the deal with the red sun? And how did she get there? It probably has something to do with the giant portal she comes out of, but where is there? Didn’t Mon-El mention something about his planet not really being destroyed? Or did he say something else? Maybe Daxam is still in tact. There are so many questions to ask, but fans will find out soon enough.

Next up is The Flash.

Jiminy Cricket, Barry Allen! Haven’t you learned that if you mess with time, it messes with you. So he goes and tells Iris what happened. Like any normal person learning when and how they’re going to die, she begins to freak out, and of course, Barry assures her that he’ll find a way to fix things. But it’s time to face the facts, it looks like he’s going back to the future, and when he gets back, something is surely going to be in the wrong spot. It might be the cereal he ate for breakfast that morning, it might be a coffee mug that “HR” used, but something is surely going to go wrong. It’s the same pattern, and the result is always the same, but the awesome part is always the journey. So here is to the journey and the ridiculousness it may bring.

Supergirl returns on Monday, January 23, 2017 with The Flash making it’s come back on Tuesday, January 24, 2017.

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