Stephen King‘s 1986 horror novel, It has become an iconic figment of the horror genre, spanning literature, television and cinema. It has tapped into one of the west’s most common phobias with the shapeshifting antagonist taking the insidious and terrifying form of Pennywise the clown as it preys on the people of Derry, leaving a string of unsolved murders, disasters and abductions scattered throughout the small town’s history. The ability to shapeshift into anyone’s greatest fear and the supernatural ability to remain a mystery to the townsfolk have made It one of the most consistently voted scariest creatures in film and pop culture.

The novel’s enduring legacy is testament to that reputation. A TV miniseries starring Tim Curry as Pennywise was broadcast in 1990 and there has been discussion surrounding a new movie adapation by Warner Bros since 2009.

For all the false starts and developmental issues that have been reported in the near decade since, it finally looks like the latest incarnation is just around the corner. The studio recently held a screen test in California, which suggests that at the very least there is a rough cut already finished. It is currently expected that a completed product – the first of two films, which will focus separately on the main characters as children and adults respectively – will hit cinemas around September 2017.

Still nine months away, the studio has not yet released a trailer. But the still images that have been released have certainly got people talking.

On Boxing Day 2016, Entertainment Weekly published as exclusive new shot from the movie, showing the new incarnation of Pennywise, lurking ominously in the filth and grime beneath Derry yet somehow still pristinely white. The killer clown peers out, right at you, just waiting for you to get curious enough to investigate that odd splash of colour in the sewers, to get close enough for him to pounce.


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