There’s an old Western tradition of the hero riding off into the sunset. It’s an apropos image for the upcoming superhero movie Logan, which, as seen in the trailer, clearly has an Old West flavour, and will definitely see its hero riding off into the metaphorical sunset; Logan, as you know, will be Hugh Jackman‘s final appearance as everybody’s favourite mutant hero. A new image shared by Jackman himself played into the metaphor, a poster featuring the actor advertising the new movie, which is a culmination of 17 years and nine previous films. An epic run that deserves an equally epic poster.

Courtesy of Jackman’s Twitter feed:


As mysterious as ever. Yes, while we are now less than three months away from the release of Logan there’s still so little we know about it. We know it takes place in the future, we know that Logan and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) are two of the only mutants left alive, we know that Boyd Holbrook is playing the cybernetic villain Donald Pierce, and we think we know that young Dafne Keen is playing X-23, a clone of Wolverine that inherited his primary mutant traits (a healing factor and claws).

We also know that Jackman has said repeatedly that this will be his final appearance as Wolverine, despite repeated pleas from fans, including Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds, to re-consider. Jackman’s holding firm to his decision, and the imagery he keeps putting out seems to send that message, and if Wolverine walking into the sunset (or away from the sunset in this case) isn’t message enough for you, we don’t know what will be.

Logan will be in theatres everywhere on March 3.

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