George Lucas on the set of ‘THX-1138’

The Legends of Tomorrow have encountered some pretty impressive historical figures, both real and imagined, including Japanese shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu, 1920s Chicago gangster Al Capone, the Golden Age heroes the Justice Society of America and Old West anti-hero Jonah Hex. That’s the fun of a time travel show, getting to run into famous faces of the past, present and future, but usually we’re talking about faces who were leaders, generals, or figures of law and order, not usually famous movie makers. So when the Legends go back in time to 1960s Hollywood when they come from winter break, they’re going to make a surprising new friend.

In the episode entitled, “Raiders of the Lost Art,” the Legends go back in time to 1967 where their old captain, Rip Hunter, is working in the movie business, but his interference in the timeline has some surprising consequences for Star Wars fans. “Because of circumstances, the time aberration in episode 209 is George Lucas quits film school,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim told Entertainment Weekly. “As a result, he never makes Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark. As a result, Ray, who became an engineer because of Star Wars, and Nate, who became a historian because of Raiders, slowly start to lose their brilliance, because those things that inspired them to become who they are didn’t exist.”

Grimm’s Matt Angel will play the younger Lucas in the episode, and how much do you want to bet that the Legends will in some way inspire Star Wars? For trivia’s sake, this isn’t the first time Lucas’ pre-Star Wars days have been fictionalized. Director Joe Nussabaum (Selfie, Awkward) made a short film in 1999 called George Lucas in Love, a parody of the Oscar-winning film Shakespeare in Love that fictionalized the development of Star Wars and Lucas’ various inspirations. Martin Hynes played Lucas in that film.

Legends of Tomorrow returns January 24 on the CW.

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