The last few days there has been a world wind of rumors surrounding the notion that Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool might show up in the supposed last Hugh Jackman X-Men film, Logan. After the news was dropped that there was a rumored Deadpool cameo in next year’s film, it was immediately denied by director James Mangold, Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds, as well as Jackman. What a bummer as it would have been great to see the two of them team up as they have done in the comics. Now it turns out, that rumor may be “partially” true.

Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter just tweeted that Deadpool is not in Logan, but don’t rule out him and Wolverine appearing in another movie alongside Deadpool.

Given that this is Jackman’s “last” Wolverine appearance, this ca be taken with a grain of salt. However, the success of Deadpool has also proven that R-rated superhero movies can be successful, which is why Logan is the first R-rated appearance of Wolverine. The two characters have a rich history in the comics and are as equally popular, it’s almost a no-brainer to have these two team up on the big screen. The big issue will be getting Jackman to once again don the claws. Hopefully, some magic can come through. Perhaps he can make a cameo in Deadpool 2.

Source: Screen Rant

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