If Universal Studios is known for anything, it is its ability to bring even the most fantastical cinematic worlds into reality. Since the summer of 2010, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has brought a touch of J K Rowling’s signature magic to visitors to the park. It boasts a replica of Hogwarts Castle and its grounds which guests can tour, complete with a welcome speech from the esteeemed headmaster Albus Dumbledore himself. It offers thrilling rides as well as shops and restaurants bursting with fun food and souvenirs inspired by the Harry Potter stories, with experiences ranging from battling dragons and dementors, to sipping butterbeer by the fire.

A new source has suggested that Universal is planning an all new addition to the attraction, using projection mapping that will create a brilliant visual display on and around Hogwarts Castle. It has been reported that Universal is still working on the show and that it is likely to launch at some point during the first half of 2017.

Aside from that, there is not  whole lot of information about what exactly can be expected from the new show. The website Orlando Informer reports that there will be an event on the opening night similar to the one held when when the recreation of Hogsmeade debuted in 2014.

The confirmation that the show will be a visual projection means that fans can speculate about the new attraction by looking at other similar shows performed at the park. For instance, in The Magic Kingdom, a show compiled of various clips and songs from Frozen is regularly projected onto the iconic Disney castle.

However, given that the series of Harry Potter movies isn’t as easily condensed and key moments from the full eight films would be difficult to highlight, not to mention the relatively small available area compared to the number of visitors, it’s unlikely to be the same as the shows in The Magic Kingdom. Instead, it is rumoured that Universal is planning to have a more randomised schedule of projections with several performances in any given evening. They are also reportedly considering putting on seasonal shows around Hallowe’en and Christmas.

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