It seems that Futurama could live forever based on the love of it’s fans alone. Fandom fervor has resulted in the show coming back from the dead before and now it seems it has done so once again… well, if not unofficially. Cinema Relics Productions has released the long awaited full episode of their Futurama fan-film Fan-O-Rama. For fans who have always wanted to know what their favorite Futurama characters would look like in real life this trailer should be a special  treat. 

Cinema Relics have recreated the entire cast in alarming and slightly uncomfortable reality. From the Professor’s wrinkled forehead and thick beer bottle glasses to Leela’s cycloptic and unblinking visage, down to the cuteness overlord of Nibbler, the creators have managed to capture the distinct features that have become so familiar to fans while also keeping them looking real enough to make people squirm ever so slightly. They’ve combined live-action with animation to create a film that wouldn’t be out of place on Adult Swim.

Unnerving  at times with the creepy-cringey (but nonetheless impressive) make-ups, some not so good acting, and a production that feels like it’s one electric guitar with wah-wah pedal away from being a porn parody. Fan-O-Rama, however, sparred no detail in bringing Futurama to life, and successfully captured much of the irreverent humor the animated show is known for.

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