Natalie Portman Open To More Marvel Movies


Thor’s love interest in the first two solo films (Thor and Thor: The Dark World) was Jane Foster, the astrophysicist who found Thor when he was banished to Earth by Odin. She operated not only as his “damsel in distress,” but also his orientation to Earth, its people, and its customs. The two slowly fell in love. Played by Oscar winner Natalie Portman, she brought a unique vibe to the first film. The second film expanded her part (to its detriment). Due to Marvel film contracts, she was often “missing in action” during the Avengers films and spoken off in passing.  Portman has also been on the record as not being particularly interested in continuing her character in Marvel films. The next film, Thor: Ragnarok will be the first solo Thor film without her in it as Creed’s Tessa Thompson has been cast as Thor’s new love interest Valkyrie. So does that mean Portman is completely done with Marvel films?

While promoting (her surely Best Actress winning role) her new film Jackie based on former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, Portman discussed her past work on blockbusters film including the Thor movies as well as her roles in the Star Wars prequels. She discussed the challenges in being involved in visual effects heavy film as an actor.

“It is really an incredible thing to get to be part of. As an actor it is like a completely different scale. Because when you are making those movies you are working with so much blue screen and so much fantasy, your imagination has to be so much larger.”

“It is really challenging for me that and I don’t feel like I have gotten it yet. I don’t feel like I have understood it yet. It is something that I’m fascinated by, because I’m really challenged by it more than anything almost. Because when you are in a room that looks like a room and has all the things a room has in it, you can interact with all that stuff, and all that stuff does what it does in life. You don’t have to imagine anything. You are just in the emotional state of your character. When you are doing those blue screen movies, you have to imagine everything outside and within. You have to create the whole world. It is like being a kid again.”

When asked if she would ever return to the Thor franchise, Portman said she would love to return.

“Yeah well hopefully one day I figure it out! [laughs]”

Perhaps she could return for Avengers: Infinity War for a cameo. The Avengers could always use a scientist to help tackle Thanos.

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