Growing up as a kid, The Jetsons was one of those shows you wished you lived in. Flying cars, pods that dropped you off where you needed to be, and robot maids. Now, some of this technology has become somewhat of a reality. Artificial intelligence is a thing. Flying cars may have to wait several more years, but at least there are conveyor belts to move people along. But check out what Justin Lin did when he teamed up with futuristic tech company, Arconic, to produce a live-action Jetsons commercial.

Here’s the clip:

The Jetsons originally aired on television in 1962 and it’s concept was what 100 years into the future would look like. The commercial is Arconic’s re-imagining of 2062 “through the eyes of leading futurists, our engineers, and filmmaker Justin Lin.” For those of you who don’t know, Arconic is an engineering company that is looking to “break barriers” and “engineer solutions” to some of today’s problems. According to their website, they delve in Aerospace, Energy, as well as Defense and Space technology. Here’s a statement they made as to why they chose The Jetsons as an example of their work,

“The Jetsons sci-fi cartoon series launched in 1962 and was set 100 years in the future. An instant hit, it presented an entertaining yet surprisingly forward-thinking vision of 2062. It’s amazing to see how much The Jetsons got right, predicting things like smartwatches, tablets and 3D printing; and that made us wonder what else might still be in store. Flying cars? Extraordinary buildings? So we gathered a brain trust of leading futurists and our own engineers to share their thoughts on what Arconic could help realize in 2062, and brought their vision to life with the help of film director Justin Lin.”

The future looks bright according to Arconic. If you even look closely, the commercial displays some diversity! But where’s Astro? For more information on Arconic, check out their website here. Also take a  look at this behind-the-scenes clip:


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