Say what you want about the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, but it had a formula. It began with the Rangers in their civilian identities hanging out, usually doing some community organizing or another wholesome activity for non-threatening young people, all while Rita Repulsa was hatching some new world domination scheme on the Moon. And then – BOOM! – Putty attack! And we’re off to the races as the Rangers are once again called upon to save the day. What ever monster Rita would throw at the Earth, it would be preceded by a wave of easily defeated Putties, and so will it be with Power Rangers the movie.

If you remember the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, then you probably remember the Putties as they appeared in the above picture: ugly grey-painted kabuki masks and a grey unitards. Easy to reproduce, utterly blah to look at. It would be pretty silly to see something the likes of this running around in a multi-million dollar Hollywood remake, right? Of course, you’re right! So this is what we’re going to get instead…



At least they got the “putty” aesthetic right. These are images of the action figure based on how the Putty Patrol members will appear in the new Power Rangers film, which sort of makes them look like grey-coloured Clayfaces, but to each his or her own. The important question: where’s the disc? The original Putties had a disc on their chest or belts that the Rangers had to punch to make the Putties evaporate or whatever. Where’s their Achilles Heel? I guess we’ll have to wait and see when the movie comes out. Spoilers, you know!

Power Rangers will be in theatres everywhere on March 23.

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