There’s a new International trailer out for director Patty JenkinsWonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. While most won’t understand the Russian, there’s no misunderstanding the action in the film that is being promoted heavily overseas and that is just the way things should be. There’s no trying to tie this movie into a larger DC Cinematic Universe, this movie is about strangely enough, Wonder Woman. Imagine that. Hopefully Patty Jenkins will continue to be able to fend off all the studio executive’s notes trying to shoehorn anything and everything Justice League into the movie. wonder-woman-comic-con-trailer

It’s a sure bet that some studio flunky tried to get the birth of Bruce Wayne, or Wayne’s grandfather into the movie, a time traveling Flash cameo, and why not have Atlantis enter the war? Thankfully, we should be spared any of those things and get a movie titled Wonder Woman that is about Wonder Woman.

Here’s the new trailer, no translation needed.

While we’ve all been burned before with a good DC trailer, yes we’re looking at you Suicide Squad, there’s hope for Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman which opens June 2nd, 2017.

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