Vincent D’Onofrio made a big impression as Kingpin in the first season of Daredevil, and no, that was not a fat joke. Widely hailed as one of the best villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, D’Onofrio’s portrayal of the head of New York’s organized crime was highly-praised, and after his brief return in season two of Daredevil many thought it portended bigger things for the crime boss, like an appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming for instance. Sadly, that won’t happen, but D’Onofrio wants you to know that when the time comes for Kingpin to leave jail and take back the city, he’ll be ready…

“He will, eventually [return]. Honestly, I wish I knew ‘cause I could plan my year better,” D’Onofrio told Collider in a new interview. That removes speculation that Kingpin might appear in either Iron Fist or The Defenders, but leaves the door wide open for Daredevil season three, whenever that is. “I know he will come back, I just don’t know when. I can’t wait to find out.”

We know that sounds like something an actor *would* say, whether they were enthusiastic about coming back to a role or not, but D’Onofrio assures that he’s very invested in the part, and is himself, personally, a Marvel head. “I’m totally into the Marvel stuff, big time. I want to do Marvel, all the time,” he explained. “I love it so much ‘cause they’re so creative over there. They let you bring this whole new thing to an iconic thing that they invented. It’s just so much fun. I love it to death. I want to see Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman. There’s something about those movies. I dig the shit out of them. I’ve been tweeting back and forth with James Gunn, about doing something with him because I love Guardians of the Galaxy so much.”

Kingpin of Space is unlikely a direction that Marvel will go in, but who knows with Phase 4.

Next up on Netflix for Marvel is Iron Fist on March 17. The Defenders will premiere sometime later this year.

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