The new Power Rangers reboot has aimed to take the Rangers and their Zords into a new direction. Something that is far different than those who grew up with it would be familiar. While most fans get huffy and puffy when it comes to creativity liberties being taken with the properties they love, in this case, not many argued. The promise of a darker and more serious take on the Power Rangers was received with both curiosity and attention. Of course, that was before the trailer hit and the toys were released. That trailer looking like someone ripped-off of Chronicle, and those toys revealing the Rangers and their Zords with some weird and terrible designs choices (see Alpha 5 and Goldar).

And now those aesthetics go a little deeper. Thanks to some fan with a cell phone, a first look at Ranger mentor and giant floating head, Zordon, has been unleashed. 

Lionsgate is getting ready to open up a Power Rangers VR experience in Las Vegas and the Power Rangers Now! team uploaded a snapshot  image of Zordon as revealed in the VR experience. It’s hard to make out, a lot of blue going on, but there he is… Zordon’s mug floating on the rear wall of a cave. Minus what otherwise looks like like a psychedelic infused set from a Cirque du Soleil production, Zordon himself, looks faithful to the original.

Zordon is being voiced by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. What might seem like a quick pay-day for a big star, Cranston actually has a history with the franchise. He did a fair amount of voice work for various characters on the series in the earlier stages of his career.

So who is Zordon anyway? Zordon of Eltar is the mentor for the group known as the Power Rangers. He and the movie’s main villain, Rita Repulsa, have a long history. In fact, he’s the reason why Rita and her band of minions were locked away for so long. Sadly, she’s the reason why Zordon appears as a giant head of floating energy. As a final act before her banishment, she banished Zordon inside of a time warp which exists outside of normal time. However, that didn’t stop him from preparing for the eventual return of Rita and her gang.

In addition to Zordon, this new Power Rangers will also be bringing back familiar elements like the robot Alpha-5, who is being voiced by Bill Hader, as well as Zords.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’s RJ Cyler is playing the Blue Ranger with Darce Montgomery as the Red Ranger, Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger, Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger and Becky G as the Yellow Ranger.

Power Rangers is being directed by Dean Israelite and is set for release on March 24, 2017

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