“Happy New Year!” is a phrase that has even more significance at the Walt Disney Company as they celebrate a crushing year at the box office with a number of new successes. First, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has officially surpassed Captain America: Civil War to become the second biggest movie of 2016. Second, Rogue One has now collected four-fifths of a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. And thirdly, Disney itself officially crossed the $3 billion mark to have the biggest year of any studio in the history of movies. In other words, this is a good day to be a Disney stockholder.

After the New Year’s weekend, Rogue One has officially put $439.7 million in the bank at the domestic box office. It’s presently the fourth most moneymaking film in the Star Wars franchise, and looks good to surpass both Star Wars ($461 million) and The Phantom Menace ($474.5 million) to take second place behind The Force Awakens ($936.6 million). Rogue One now only needs another $47 million to beat Finding Dory to take the number one spot for 2016.

Rogue One is also making it rain at the worldwide box office. Combined with the domestic gross, Rogue One has now made $800.7 million around the globe and looks poised to become the fourth film of 2016 to cross the magic $1 billion mark. Adding fuel to that push is the fact that Rogue One is set to open in China this coming weekend; the Chinese box office added $124.1 million to the coffers of The Force Awakens on its own last year.

As to the bigger picture, Disney is celebrating a $3 billion year at the ticket windows of movie theatres around the world. It had already achieved the number one of all time status, crossing the $2.45 billion earned by Universal Studios last year a few weeks ago, but the holiday rushed, spurned by Rogue One, has given Disney an even wider margin of victory. (Universal, by comparison, made $1 billion less last year with $1.405 billion.) Not only does Disney have both the Top 3 films of the domestic box office (Finding Dory, Rogue One, and Civil War), it has the Top 3 films of the worldwide box office (Civil War, Finding Dory, and Zootopia) too. Furthermore, Disney had six of the Top 10 biggest movies in North America last year including The Jungle Book and Doctor Strange, and five of the worldwide Top 10.

Disney’s next big release is in March with Beauty and the Beast.

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