Director Kevin Smith is a lifelong Batman fan and all around professional geek. Most of his films have some sort of Star Wars reference, he has written Batman, Green Arrow, and Daredevil comic book issues. Needless to say, his geek cred run deep. While he has been in a little bit of a slump for his experimental films, he has been killing it on the small screen. Smith directed two of the best episodes of The Flash (“The Runaway Dinosaur” and “Killer Frost”) and his Supergirl episode (“Supergirl Lives”) airs January 23rd. The lifelong Batman fan has never directed anything associated with his favorite comic book character Batman, until now.

Smith has just been tapped to direct an episode of ABC’s 1980s comedy The Goldbergs. Since the show is featured during the 1980s, no one can forget one of the first true and blue superhero blockbusters, Tim Burtons 1989 movie Batman. There will be an upcoming episode of The Goldbergs which will focus on the 1980s film for the Goldberg family and Smith will direct that episode. Being such a huge Batman fan (after all he has a podcast called “Fatman on Batman”), Smith is more than excited to direct the episode.

“I grew up watching the Adam West Batman and I was in a sold out movie theater for Tim Burton’s Batman on opening day, June 23rd, 1989, so I can’t wait to recreate those early eras of Bat-amania in the Goldbergs Universe.”

“Luckily, the funny folks in front of and behind the cameras who make this hysterical show every week will be doing all the heavy lifting in our time travel experiment.”

The currently untitled episode begins filming next week. The official date of the episode has not yet been revealed but it’s assumed to air sometime this spring.


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