The thing about the internet is that once you’ve posted something, it’s out there forever. You can delete it but, if it’s really that embarrassing and you’re well enough known that people are paying attention, there’s a chance that someone has saved it and shared it and there’s nothing you can do about it, no matter how stupid you look. Some people will even go one step further and not just share your original dumb post, but add their own creative layers to draw attention to just how bad a mistake you made.

While the majority of people on the web understand this and think carefully about what they’re prepared to post online, there remain a handful of high profile people who don’t seem to have a filter for what they post. One such character who has been consistently make headlines for his uninhibited stream of consciousness Tweeting is US president-elect Donald Trump.

Whatever your political opinions of the mogul may be, there’s no escaping the gut-clenching cringe spewed onto his Twitter feed. And while it might not shine with presidential quality, it certainly makes for comedy gold.

His New Year tweet, for instance, certainly did not escape some criticism, as writer and director Matt Oswalt pointed out:

With 39,000 retweets and over 80,000 likes (and counting), clearly there are plenty of people who agree. If you’re not entirely sure if you do, or if you’d just love to see how it would really play out, then you can be grateful that Mark Hamill is the treasure of man that he is.

After taking a little while to figure out how to share a voice clip on Twitter, he recorded Trump’s tweet in the voice of his incarnation of the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series.

He numbered the recording “quote #1” so this could be the first of many Trumpster soundbites that highlight Trump’s, well, megalomaniacal side.

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