Part of what made Stranger Things such a resounding success was the way it dripped with pure nostalgia. Reminiscent of all those shows and movies about how the friendship of children can conquer any darkness they might stumble across in the rural woods and a tribute to the era’s great horrors, it was a throwback to a simpler sort of story. In case you needed an extra dose of that Stranger Things magic before the second season comes to screens later on this year, Netflix has released a quirky little 8-bit video game to keep you occupied.

It’s not the most complicated of games you’ll ever play, especially not in the contemporary age of virtual and augmented reality and the kind of graphics that can rival real life. But it’s definitely a fun way to kill a bit of time and remember just how cool those classic old games could be.

In the 2D platformer, you play as Mike Wheeler, racing away from his home town and the evil Demogorgon chasing after him. All you have to do is jump using the spacebar and the game takes care of the rest for you, but it’s more difficult than you might imagine. You have to leap over the armed cops and creepy scientists who are intent on taking you back into town, collecting floating glowing Eggos because video game logic.

If you collect enough Eggos, you trusted pal Eleven will power ahead of you, briefly clearing the path ahead of you of threats as you forge onwards.

Once you’ve run far enough, you get out of town away from the human threats, but the Demogorgon is not far behind you and you have to escape the balls of black energy it hurls after you.

But if you don’t feel like watching innocent little Mike cry on his knees every time you get caught, you can play basically the same game but with the skin of a different Netflix Original show if you select a character from the home menu. You have the option of Pablo Escobar from Narcos, Piper from Orange is the New Black and Marco Polo from Marco Polo.

You can check it out here.


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