The fact that the CW renewed all it superhero shows – Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow – five months in advanced of when network schedules are announced in May, sends a particular message about how much they like being in the hero business. Still, there’s one day of the week where the CW doesn’t have a superhero show, which is starting to feel like a grave oversight given how successful the other four are. There is some potential as the Arrowverse keeps getting bigger, but CW President Mark Pedowitz is ruling out one possibility: the dude with the big red ‘S’ on his chest.

At the beginning of the season, Supergirl introduced that series’ version of the Man of Steel, Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin. Hoechlin’s portrayal of the Last Son of Krypton was very well-received, perhaps because his was a kind of old school interpretation of Superman in keeping with the sunny side superheroism of the Supergirl show, but if you’re hoping for a reprise, or maybe even a Superman show, Pedowitz says it’s not going to happen.

“Tyler did a great job,” Pedowitz affirmed to Entertainment Weekly. “There’s no plan to do a series. There are no plans at the moment for him to return [to Supergirl]. If they wish to have him return, we’d love to have him.” Might that have something to do with the ongoing movie universe? “I can’t even answer the question yet, because at this time there are no plans to do it and there have been no discussions about it.”

It wouldn’t be impossible to consider that the movies are a factor in barring a future Superman series. It’s worth noting that Deadshot, Amanda Waller, and anything about the Suicide Squad was scrubbed clean from Arrow well in advanced of the big screen release of Suicide Squad. Still, this is Hollywood, so never say never…

Supergirl returns on January 23 with the Kevin Smith directed “Supergirl Lives.”

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