Was Jabba The Hutt Really A Bad Guy?


Throughout the original Star Wars Trilogy, Han Solo had the looming threat of Jabba The Hutt looming over his head. Because he owed money to the intergalactic gangster, he was always one second away from abandoning the Rebellion so that he could remain in hiding. Jabba dispatched bounty hunter Boba Fett after him and when finally caught, Han was captured and frozen in carbonite, needing Luke and the gang to rescue him in Return of the Jedi. When we finally met him, he was a larger than life (and disgusting) space slug that ran his own palace under his iron fist and was finally stopped by Leia. But, was he really a bad guy?

YouTube star and standup comedian Gabriel Pacheco uploaded a video stating that he is #teamjabba, and that the famous bad guy is not really a bad guy when you look at it in practical terms. In a unique and comical way, he breaks down many character traits from Jabba from the Original Trilogy to lay out his argument as to why he’s just misunderstood. Take a look at his thoughts.

Does he have a point?

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