We have to deal with two things when we talk about Shazam!, and the first is how the genuine tale of a well-meaning teenage boy with the ability to become a hulking adult body-builder that can fly by saying a magic word will fit into the dark as sin DC Extended Universe? The other question is how Dwayne Johnson can possibly fit another big budget franchise movie into his schedule so long as he has Jumanji, Rampage, a San Andreas sequel, and The Fast and the Furious and proposed spin-offs to fit in? Well don’t count Johnson, or his ability to multitask, out yet when it comes to the DCEU.

The following tidbit was posted to social media yesterday by Hiram Garcia, Johnson’s producing partner:

This has been the second sneaky social media tease about Shazam! since the turn of the year. Over the holidays, Johnson shared on Instagram a picture of himself hanging out with Henry Cavill, AKA: Superman, saying “We’re excited for what the future brings,” and the hashtag “#DCWorldsCollide.” Provocative, yes? If there’s one person who’s mastered the art of making official news through social media, it’s Johnson, whose accounts have come to be used by the studios themselves as the official launch-point for casting news, official releases and trailers.

Shazam! will feature Johnson as the villainous Black Adam, who was originally conceived as an ancient predecessor to the Shazam mantle who comes to the modern era to challenge the current Shazam, a teen named Billy Batson who turns into an adult superhero with super-strength, speed and flight just by saying the magic word “Shazam!” In the current comics run of Shazam! Black Adam is seen as a kind of anti-hero, which seems more like the angle the Shazam! movie will take with Johnson in the lead as Black Adam. No word yet on who might play Shazam himself.

Shazam! is currently scheduled to be in a theatre near you in 2019.

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