A couple of months ago, Nintendo announced the pending arrival of its next gen console, The Switch. The new system aims to combine the best of both worlds, console and mobile gaming, into one innovative system, while at the same time securing Nintendo’s place atop the sales charts once more. The question is, will the gambit work? Well, we will find out in less than two months now because Nintendo has officially announced the release date of the Switch along with the first slate of games and how much the Switch is going to put you out. 

According to the official announcement from Nintendo yesterday (via Coming Soon), the Switch will be released worldwide on March 3. In the U.S., it will come with a price point of $299.99. For that, you get the console, the two Joy-Con controllers, a Joy-Con grip that connects them as one controller, a set of Joy-Con wrist straps, a Switch dock, an HDMI cable and an AC adapter. Colour options? Sure, you can get your Joy-Cons in standard grey or the more stylish neon blue and red.

“Nintendo Switch is a brand-new kind of home gaming system that offers a wide variety of play modes,” said Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima. “We will introduce the world to new experiences made possible by the unique characteristics of the Nintendo Switch hardware and the Joy-Con.”

As for games, the Switch will have an initial line-up of several games, mostly made up of the typical titles you expect from Nintendo including the console’s flagship game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The new entry in the Zelda franchise promises “a world of unprecedented size” where players will “discover more than 100 puzzle-filled Shrines of Trials, plus a wide variety of weapons, outfits and gear.” Breath of the Wild will be available in standard edition, Special, and Master editions, with the latter costing $129.99.

Other new games include the interactive 1-2-Switch:

ARMS, where characters trade blows using customizable, extendable arms:

Splatoon will get a sequel:

As will Xenoblade Chronicles:

Here’s the trailer for a new game called Fire Emblem Warriors:

And of course, there’s the usual suspects like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

Super Mario Odyssey:

A new Tetris game:

A new Bomberman game:

And Sonic Mania:

Other games will be announced for summer and fall release including new titles in the EA SPORTS FIFA, The Elder Scrolls, NBA 2K, Minecraft franchises, but despite that, some are still concerned about variety on the Switch. In short, is the Switch innovative for innovation’s sake, and are people still going to be terribly excited about its offerings after the initial release?

These were two of the questions posed by Kat Bailey at USGamer in reaction to Nintendo’s presentation today. She points out that the Switch’s price-point of $299 makes it the same value as the Playstation 4 slim, which has a more powerful console, more games, and more support than the Switch. The impression, Bailey said, is that the Switch is a “too-expensive gimmick of a console” with too few games, a short battery life, and not much in the way of third-party support (although she spoke enthusiastically about the Mario and Zelda games).

“I don’t doubt that there will be long lines and sellouts on March 3rd, especially with an (amazing looking) new Zelda to buoy the Switch,” she wrote. “But as a Nintendo fan, I’m once again left with the gnawing fear that there just won’t be enough games for the thing. One has to wonder where the indie support in particular was for the Switch.”

So will Switch fly or will it fall? It’s tough to sat, but we’ll start to learn the answer on March 3.

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