Since the announcement that Donald Trump is the new President-elect of the USA, certain parallels have been drawn between his public behaviour and that of certain other characters, usually leaning to those on the villainous side of the good-and-evil spectrum. His sweeping generalisations of the population, incredibly thin skin when it comes to satire and obsession with various celebrities and pop culture icons don’t exactly mark him as the hero America needs. Yet he remains convinced that, despite the angry midnight Tweeting, he’ll be the greatest president the USA has ever seen, because he’s definitely not a megalomaniac with an over-inflated sense of self-entitlement. Not at all.

Mark Hamill‘s reading of Trump’s weird New Year tweet in the voice of his iconic Batman: The Animated Series Joker has now been retweeted almost 50,000 times. It felt eerily as if it had been written for exactly that purpose.

Hamill labelled it “quote 1” and, yesterday, gifted the world with a second Trumpster reading.

This time, he used Trump’s aggressive response to Meryl Streep‘s speech at the Golden Globes, which discussed America’s relationships between its various peoples and communities, and didn’t actually mention Trump’s name a single time. And yet Trump took Streep’s advocacy for compassion and disapproval of the humiliation of people with far less privilege and power as a personal attack.

His response on Twitter hardly elicited a sympathetic reaction.

His little tantrum is now also the second of what could well be many more Trumpster readings by Mark Hamill.

Indeed, there are some people already thinking ahead to the kind of soundbited we might be treated to in future as Donald Trump’s presidential career really gets underway.

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