If you happen to have a spare $40,000 lying around right now, you can get in on the bidding and grab yourself a couple of iconic pieces of vintage film memorabilia, before they undoubtedly get snatched up. The original Superman costume worn by Christopher Reeve in the first Superman film from 1978 has just gone up for auction online, along with Michael Keaton’s original Batsuit from the 1989 Batman movie. Which classic superhero costume will go first? Get bidding!

The Batman and Superman pieces are currently available online at the auction site Nate D. Sanders Auctions. According to the website, the ‘Bid By’ time for both costumes is only 10 days away, so if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford to shell out – with minimum bids starting at $35,000 for the Batsuit, and $40,000 for Superman’s kit – then the clock is ticking!

The Nate D. Sanders Auctions listing for the Batsuit notes that the original parts of the costume worn in the film are its cowl, cape and body, whilst the gloves, belt, shoes and insignia are actually replicas for display purposes. The costume apparently even comes displayed on a mounted mannequin designed to look like Michael Keaton himself (see above). As for the rare Superman gear, listed as a ‘muscle tunic’, the site claims that it was worn by Christopher Reeve during the movie’s famous flight scenes, and still has an intact tag on the blue tunic’s inner collar, with Christopher Reeve’s name on the label. Reeve sadly passed away in 2004, so for Superman fans, this would no doubt be a very special item to be able to get their hands on.


With the auction due to end this January, Superman and Batman fans without the required funds will just have to hope that these epic pieces of movie history will go to a good home, and for those who can afford to take part in the bidding… We really envy you.


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