For someone who is so sensitive to parodies of his public persona, Donald Trump doesn’t take many precautions when it comes to making sure the world only sees his best side. Since becoming the President-elect of the USA and the world media has paid closer attention than ever to his behaviour, Trump’s output from his speeches to his Twitter feed has hardly got any more polished. You’d certainly be forgiven for assuming that at least some of his Tweets were purposely inflammatory because – as Mark Hamill has illustrated so perfectly – a lot of the things he has to say feel like they were written for a cheesy movie villain.

Recently, Trump has been making headlines for Tweeting derogatory things about Congressman John Lewis, since Lewis has announced that he won’t be attending Trump’s presidential inauguration. Trump responded, in what his rapidly becoming his signature style, by throwing insults around on social media.

As if hurling attacks at congressmen wasn’t disappointing enough behaviour coming from a President-elect, Trump’s timing was all the worse for coming just a few days before Martin Luther King Day. In the short time between Trump published his tweets and the holiday, people have been circulating images of Congressman Lewis marching and protesting with King himself.

In the midst of the arguments between Trump and Lewis supporters, Mark Hamill continued his ‘Trumpster’ series with a third recording. He recreated Trump’s fit about Lewis in the voice of his iconic Joker and demonstrated – perhaps more perfectly than anyone else who has weighed in on the topic – just how insane Trump is beginning to sound as his ego gets ever more swollen with impending power.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about the whole situation is what Martin Luther King Day is really supposed to represent, as Mark Hamill helpfully hashtagged for us in his Tweet: compassion, tolerance, empathy and respect.

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