While DC‘s vast creative output consistently draws the attention of audiences from all over the world, regardless of whether it’s making comics or movies or television shows, it isn’t exactly known for its sense of humour. Instead, a lot of its best known figures are known for being dark and brooding and gritty, despite their brightly coloured super-suits and general goodwill towards their fellow man. Take Batman, for instance, whose early comedic incarnatic has been replaced over the years with an ever more serious character, who voice gets more and more gravelly as time goes on.

Assuring the world that it really doesn’t take itself too seriously, DC got its first ever sitcom, Powerless, greenlit back in August 2015 and the first series is due to hit screens early in February.

The show revolves around the ordinary people who live in a world populated by super heroes, who protect society from their villainous counterparts by causing a hell of a lot of collateral damage. It tells the story of Emily Locke, played by Vanessa Hudgens, who has a key role at Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Entertprises that creates safety equipment for the normal people caught in the middle of battles between super heroes and villains.

Executive producer Patrick Schumacker has promised that the new show will be just as much a part of the established DC Universe as all the other shows the company produces:

“We’re going to pull from the entire canon of the comics. We want to show as much of the breadth of the DC universe as possible. You’re going to see characters you’re familiar with if you are a big, hardcore comic book fan.”

The show’s first trailer was released early this month to an admittedly less than enthusiastic reception.

The newer trailer, though, appears to be faring better already as it cements itself into the sitcom genre and offers a fuller introduction to the characters, the setting and the general sense of humour.

With Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk and Christina Kirk joining Hudgens in the cast, it’s bound to be worth checking out at least for its stellar line up.

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