It’s Morphin’ Time! No seriously, because in this trailer, we finally see the Power Rangers morph. Following up on the initial trailer, which only showed the titular Rangers in their civilian identity as basically a 21st century Breakfast Club, discovering some mysterious coins that could lead to their destiny, but now we get a taste of that destiny. For those of you that have wanted, and waited, to see the Rangers in action, as well as Zordon, Alpha 5 and some Megazord awesomeness, then this is the trailer you’ve been waiting for. Behold the spectacle of the new Power Rangers!

So there’s a lot of unpack there. First of all, that golden goop thing called Goldar that he had a preview of few weeks is now legit, and it looks like he’ll be the monster Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) uses to attack Earth and fight the Rangers. Of course, another interesting development that the trailer shows is that Rita is going to be in on the action herself and not just chilling out on the Moon and yelling at her underlings as things go bad. The trailer also shows Alpha 5 (Bill Hader) briefly, and gives us a lot of Bryan Cranston as Zordon, and Cranston when talks about your destiny, you better listen.

The trailer also shows off more of the film’s humour, like Zack (Ludi Lin) noting how he’s glowing black, much to the chagrin of Billy (RJ Cyler) who is black, but this Power Rangers is trying to not be explicitly racist in terms of matching ethnicity to uniform colour. You also can’t help but laugh when Trini’s (Becky G) mom insists she gives up a urine sample when she starts talking about spaceships and superheroes. There wasn’t much talk about drug testing back during the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers days, even considering the presence of Bulk and Skull, so these aren’t your mama’s Power Rangers. But can they deliver the boffo box office that Lionsgate is hoping for? We shall see…

Power Rangers is in theatres everywhere on March 24.

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